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Responsive Design

We design websites that work on all devices. Well, ok – maybe not your kettle.

What is Responsive Website Design (RWD)?

Responsive Web DesignResponsive Web Design is the name given to the process of designing websites that are optimised to work on multiple devices; desktop computers, smart phones, tablets and even TVs, games consoles and watches.

Responsively-designed websites are content-focused and display their content in the most appropriate way for the device they are being viewed on. Responsive Websites are not designed to fit a specific width. All text content, images, video and other types of media move and scale to fit the space available.

A Quick History

  • All the first websites scaled to fit the size of the browser – this was the default behaviour.
  • Fixed-width web design was introduced to enable web designers to more easily create attractive websites. The typical website width increased as larger computer screen sizes and resolutions gained enough popularity.
  • Responsive Website Design is actually a return to the roots of web design – the difference now is that modern browsers are much more capable when it comes to creating attractive, interactive, engaging websites.

We only design responsively

The number of internet-enabled devices is going to continue to grow and grow and there’s no guarantee what screen size or resolution these devices will have. So broadly speaking (there are always edge-cases), Responsive Web Design is the most appropriate way to design websites right now.

In many more cases than not, there is absolutely no point in basing a new website design around a fixed width. It would be like buying a car with a combustion engine this year, knowing full-well that all the petrol would be gone by next year.

We only design Responsive Websites – we won’t sell you a website with a known expiration date (fixed-width web design) – it just wouldn’t be good business.

Ready to embrace the future?

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