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Logo Design

Logo DesignA good logo is one that not only looks great – but works wherever you take it. In print, online or to the seaside.

A business logo has an awful lot of responsibility resting on its shoulders. It has to clearly identify your company and quickly communicate your style and character.

It has to work as well in print as on the screen. It has to work on screens; both big and small. It has to work on a masthead and a letterhead. It has to work on a business card and as an avatar on a social network. It has to work in black and white as well as in colour.

That’s no small order.

Time for a change

When we’re redesigning a website, there is sometimes call to refresh branding or update a logo – in fact, it’s sometimes exactly what is required. After all, times change; design trends evolve, technologies develop and sometimes you just have to move things forward.

We’ve evolved brands for Koozai, Solutions 4 Recruitment & Ben Norman.

And the time is now

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