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Branding & GraphicsConsistency is key when it comes to your brand – do your materials match?

We will always work hard to understand your business. We’ll get to know what you do and who you are and then make sure that your brand reflects your company’s ethos, character and position in your market.

Some people think that branding is a logo or a slogan. They’re right, but the story doesn’t end there…

Branding exists in every nook and cranny of every business. Whether you know it’s there or not, your brand happens everyday. It’s the way you look, the way you talk and even the words you write – it’s every single detail that makes up the whole of your business.

Good branding really works

Branding can be incredibly effective if it is done well. Our brains are amazing and pick up on details that our conscious mind would have real difficulty identifying. Branding is all in the details – a colour, a font, a sound or just a few choice words – these all serve as trigger points in our minds and allow us to easily recognise (or remember!) a company we come across.

  1. Every little helps
  2. I’m lovin’ it
  3. Connecting people

Good branding is the reason you know exactly which 3 companies that list refers to.

How we can help?

Whether you’re a new company looking to develop a brand from scratch or an established company looking to freshen up, we would love the opportunity to join you on your branding journey.

We’ll find out about your business, your staff, your customers and the market you’re hoping to crack. We’ll establish your goals and dreams and competitors, then put that information to work to produce a strong visual identity for your company and most importantly, we’ll provide you with guidelines that illustrate exactly how your brand can be applied to a variety of medium.

Digital, print, moving picture – wherever you’re likely to be represented, we’ll be one step ahead laying down a guiding foundation.

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