Design Twelve / Sii Cockerill

Online Business Consultant, Designer & Developer.


Websites that work

I work with business owners to make sure their websites perform; to make sales, to generate leads, to successfully promote their services and convert their visitors.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been designing and developing websites that perform. Before I setup as an Online Business Consultant, I worked for 7 years designing and developing websites that converted 100s of 1000s of visitors into valuable leads. I grew and led a team of designers and developers working with internet marketers to help grow the company’s turnover 235% a year.

Good leadership matters

In 2012, in addition to my independent work, I joined a new company. A one-year old company with incredible potential that needed my help.

Throughout my career, I’ve learned more about good management and good leadership than I had ever planned on learning. I understand its importance to the success of an organisation and to the health of a team of people. I know that good leadership matters.

Joining 20Q has allowed me to use all of my website design, development, marketing and business skills to grow a young business into an online leader. 20Q provides quick and easy to use, online tools for CPD – to improve leadership, self-awareness and promote better ways of working together.